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Aug 20, 2020

Podcast hosting companies are multiplying more than rabbits these days. Each one believes that THEY have what podcasters really need — and have no problem telling you so.

I have no beef with that. If you believe in your service or product, you SHOULD be telling everyone it can help, that it can help them. But most of them don’t impress me very much.

One of the newcomers in the last few years that I AM impressed by is Captivate (affiliate link). I started one of my 5 podcasts on the Captivate service just to try it out and I have enjoyed the way they handle things so much, I plan on moving some of my other shows over to them. 

Listen to his conversation with Captivate co-Founder Mark Asquith to hear about all the bells, whistles, and cool stuff the Captivate team has baked into their podcast hosting platform.

  • [2:40] How Mark Asquith’s blonde highlights led him into the entrepreneurial life
  • [6:36] The “figure it out” mindset Mark has adopted, and he didn’t even know it
  • [10:52] Why Mark came to believe that communication is a sellable skill
  • [19:30] Mark’s first venture into podcasting in 2013 - about DC Comics
  • [25:30] The many podcast related services Mark’s company provides
  • [29:15] What Mark and his team saw missing in the podcast hosting world
  • [34:01] Features found in the Captivate platform - in detail and with specific questions