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Podcastification is all about PODCASTING - how to do it. How NOT to do it. Interesting news items from the world of podcasting. Tips, tricks, and best-practices to help you start a show, keep your show going, or make it better.And it's all done with a little fun and light-hearted humor. Carey Green is the host, a guy who runs a podcast production and show notes creation company - so you can imagine the hundreds of scenarios he gets the privilege to see... and he's passing all that info on to you, week by week. Join the fun by subscribing to Podcastification. Reach out to the Podcast Fast Track Team at

May 20, 2020

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Sometimes I think of podcasting as “The Great Equalizer.” Why would I say that? Because no longer do giant media conglomerates have exclusive power to decide who gets to broadcast a message or not. We the people get to publish whatever we want to publish. That’s cool. That’s an overall WIN in my book.

Ashley Hodge is a perfect example of that reality in action. He’s a self-confessed “academic slacker” who slept through class during his High School years, only interested in playing basketball. Once he hit college, he chose the school he did only because there were cute girls there and a decent football program. Wow. Now THAT is some high ideals, huh?

But once he grew up a little bit Ashley realized that he’d been given a tremendous opportunity. He could choose what to do with his life and how to educate himself to accomplish it. So he got busy.

In this episode, Ashley shares how he got started as a financial planner, eventually hosted a call-in radio show, and one day made the pivot into podcasting – which has proven to be one of the BEST content marketing channels in his arsenal, consistently leading new listeners to become new clients, which means new (and more) revenue.

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