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Podcastification is all about PODCASTING - how to do it. How NOT to do it. Interesting news items from the world of podcasting. Tips, tricks, and best-practices to help you start a show, keep your show going, or make it better.And it's all done with a little fun and light-hearted humor. Carey Green is the host, a guy who runs a podcast production and show notes creation company - so you can imagine the hundreds of scenarios he gets the privilege to see... and he's passing all that info on to you, week by week. Join the fun by subscribing to Podcastification. Reach out to the Podcast Fast Track Team at

Oct 16, 2018

Too often we podcasters are guilty of shouting into the crowd that already knows about us, already listens to our show - and we forget all about Podcast SEO - to establish and grow a NEW audience.

This episode is about THAT.


strap on your seatbelt, grab your note-taking device, and get your show notes rocking for better organic SEO for your podcast.

What you’ll hear on this episode about Podcast SEO

  • [2:13] Why our podcasts NEED to be found on Google, etc. - and why what worked in the past doesn’t always work these days
  • [4:16] How show notes serve listeners as a resource and how they leverage SEO
  • [6:58] Ways that Google has changed in the last few years - and why it matters to podcasters
  • [9:26] Let me count the ways your show notes format needs to change - and tell you why
  • [12:33] View your approach like a domino effect - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - BOOM!
  • [17:45] Keywords: They are still relevant but they work differently for SEO in 2018
  • [21:58] Keyword best-practices and tips learned the hard way
  • [25:48] Titles: Here’s how to make your titles the best they can be
  • [29:05] The text on the page: how to make yours helpful and SEO rich
  • [31:20] Image best practices - and how to pull it off
  • [34:00] You want to use LINKS the right way - Google cares about this stuff
  • [36:07] Rich media resources can make the page BOOM for readers/users
  • [37:30] Commenting and Calls To Action: How you can do it in a smart way!
  • [39:15] Why an embedded audio player makes a HUGE difference. It’s spelled “Dwell Time”
  • [41:14] A non-SEO value page hack: Subscription options!


General Resources Mentioned on THIS Episode

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