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Aug 14, 2018

Grab a pen and paper and take notes on this one.

If you use ZOOM or have considered it, you’re going to learn the BEST ways to optimize it for podcast use. And check below for the video of Derek and I poking around in my ZOOM settings. It should help you find the things we talk about on this episode.



  • [1:40] The popularity of Zoom has prompted this episode. Here’s why…
  • [3:00] Derek’s history with Zoom and why he enjoys being part of the Zoom team
  • [7:03] Ideas for using Zoom for podcasting - including video promos!
  • [11:10] Bitrates, Frequencies, and adjustments podcasters can make to improve things
  • [18:53] How you can set the platform to “preserve original sound” for better quality audio (see the video for details)
  • [25:24] Setting up split-tracks for conversations so you can do better quality audio edits
  • [28:11] How to set a co-host in Zoom who has direct access to the audio/video files
  • [29:43] A few video hacks for those of you interested in such visual things
  • [31:56] Pricing on - including a full-featured FREE plan!

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