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Podcastification is all about PODCASTING - how to do it. How NOT to do it. Interesting news items from the world of podcasting. Tips, tricks, and best-practices to help you start a show, keep your show going, or make it better.And it's all done with a little fun and light-hearted humor. Carey Green is the host, a guy who runs a podcast production and show notes creation company - so you can imagine the hundreds of scenarios he gets the privilege to see... and he's passing all that info on to you, week by week. Join the fun by subscribing to Podcastification. Reach out to the Podcast Fast Track Team at

Oct 16, 2020

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You’ll benefit from listening to this episode if you...

  • You want to know how to compound the impact of your podcast over time
  • Need help devising a strategy for your show that will work
  • Are looking for motivation and method to your madness


Sep 8, 2020

You’ll benefit from listening to this episode if you...

  • You offer a product or service that requires relationship building and marketing
  • The power of relationships is not lost on you, and you know how to make the most of them
  • You don't like the obsession with download numbers and want to find another way
  • It's...

Aug 25, 2020

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Way back when I started podcasting — it was 2013 or so — I recognized very quickly that whoever could solve the problem of recording...

Aug 20, 2020

Podcast hosting companies are multiplying more than rabbits these days. Each one believes that THEY have what podcasters really need — and have no problem telling you so.

I have no beef with that. If you believe in your service or product, you SHOULD be telling everyone it can help, that it can help them. But most of...

Jun 18, 2020

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