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Sep 4, 2017

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Podcast promotion is a hot topic these days. Everybody (naturally) wants more eyes on their show’s cool cover art and more ears listening to their show. But I have to give you the hard truth about podcast promotion.

There’s no silver bullet. There probably never will be.

Like anything else in life that’s worth doing, you have to dedicate yourself to learning how to do it well.

  • You don’t get returns without investment.
  • You don’t get crops without planting seeds and cultivating them.
  • You don’t get bulging muscles without some kind of exercise routine.

And you don’t get a huge download numbers without some kind of dedicated, well-planned promotion of your show.

This episode is a deep-dive into content marketing for podcast promotion.

My assumption is this: Your podcast is content - great content. Therefore the principles and best-practices that have been learned in the content marketing realm apply to the promotion of your podcast.

I’m going to give you the full-scoop as I understand it right now (Sept. 2017) and will continue to do so on future episodes. This stuff is important - and it changes all the time. But one fact remains constant, no matter what changes...

Your podcast promotion is only going to work if you commit yourself to making it work.

Very few shows out there automatically “get” a huge audience. The creators behind those shows have spent tons of time (the you and I haven’t gotten the benefit of seeing) doing what it takes to promote that show in ways that work.

And that doesn’t mean putting it out on social media with a quickly typed line like this…

“Here’s the latest episode of my podcast. Check it out!”


Nobody typically clicks on those links. Except your mother. Maybe your grandmother. No, she doesn’t even know what a podcast is. So yeah, only your mother - and that’s just because she loves you.

It’s time we podcasters quit believing that podcast promotion can happen with the click of a button, or a new social media app, or a hack or technique or tip.

If we want to produce valuable content and get it out into the world to help people, we’ve got to do the hard work of learning HOW to get it out into the world so it CAN help people.

That’s what this episode is about. I’m going to walk you through what I’ve learned about content marketing for podcast promotion thus far. And if YOU are a professional content marketer and want to comment on this episode to give me a few pointers about how I’m doing it wrong…

I’m all ears! I actually WANT to learn this stuff. And I believe my listeners do too.

Here’s a rough outline of Podcast Promotion as Content Marketing…

  • [1:30] We all need to know how to promote our podcasts well.
  • [2:36] Why podcast promotion is closely related to content marketing.
  • [4:00] The 3 main goals most podcasters have - and why they matter.
  • [6:22] The benefits of viewing your podcast as content marketing.
  • [10:34] Understand: content marketing takes a while to work well.
  • [16:30] Why I recommend written show note summaries rather than transcripts.
  • [20:55] The power of truly great content: and how “lazy” has no place.
  • [26:40] The power of offsite content marketing.
  • [36:50] The key parts of an effective, well-planned content marketing strategy.
  • [41:08] What we know from the history of promoting online resources.

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