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Jun 27, 2017

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There are a lot of great podcasts - and none of them just happened or got that way overnight. There’s lots of tweaking involved (that IS the technical term). You’ve got to pivot, iterate, try stuff in order to get things just right.

But sadly, most beginning podcasters don’t start with great content.

Instead, they start with trying to accomplish great downloads, or hitting the New & Noteworthy list, or some other such nonsense. My guest today has seen it all - including THOSE people who want the big bang at the start with no work to support it or make their podcast great. Dave Jackson is the man. He’s the President Emeritus of the School of Podcasting - the Pod-step-father - the Principle over at the School of Podcasting.

Dave Jackson is one of those guys who’s like a breath of fresh air… OK, maybe more like a guy who’s a breath of slightly-less-stuffy air than I’m used to.

The reason? He calls himself “The Worst Salesman for Podcasting,” but that’s EXACTLY why I like him so much. He’s not afraid to tell it like it is.

So get ready to hear Dave bring it, on this episode. And if you listen closely right around 31:02 you’ll hear a surprise cameo appearance by the newest hairy podcast host on the airwaves - Bernie the Cat.

Thanks for being on the show, Dave.

Here’s a rough outline of TOPIC OR GUEST…

  • [2:17] Who is this Dave Jackson guy?
  • [3:45] What Dave did because he didn’t want to miss the boat.
  • [11:50] The 3-year approach to building your podcast.
  • [14:43] What IS really a good size for a podcast audience?
  • [19:16] Why you need to focus ONLY on making your show great.
  • [26:49] Bizarre experiences Dave has had because of his podcast.
  • [31:02] A surprise cameo appearance from Bernie the cat!
  • [31:05] Getting to know your audience by hanging out with them.

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