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Feb 28, 2017

If you are finally able and willing to take the plunge and hire a podcast editor to handle the editing and production of your how - HOLD ON A MINUTE! You don’t want to rush into it without knowing some of the pitfalls that can come with any new working relationship - and there are a few that are unique to the relationship you establish with a podcast editor that could throw you for a loop if you’re not careful.

6 tips to help you interact with your podcast editor EFFECTIVELY.

SO…On this episode I’m going to tell you some of my hard-learned lessons regarding the working relationship and communications that make your outsourcing everything you want it to be. I’m including things you need to get right and clear on the front end and another handful of things that you need to know as you develop the relationship over time.

These are not things you hear everyday because you don’t deal with them every day - and they are very niched-in to podcasting in specific ways - so it takes somebody like me who’s been in those shoes for a while to tell you about them. And I’m telling you so that you don’t walk in with your eyes closed and get bitten by some of the messed up things that can happen.

Ready to go? Here it is! Hit the play button!

Outline of this episode

  • [1:14] Why it’s essential to set up your relationship with your podcast editor the right way!
  • [2:55] The value and helpfulness of an Episode Map.
  • [6:40] An easy way to establish the ongoing degree of editing you want done.
  • [9:49] How to clarify your personal “pet peeves.”
  • [11:56] Why it’s vital that you communicate early and clearly.
  • [15:10] Refer to time stamps on adjustments
  • [16:39] Learn to speak TO your editor on the recording.
  • [20:39] BONUS TIP: Give them freedom to make smart edits.
  • [23:30] A service idea I had - would YOU use it? If so, how much is it worth?

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